Heart in upheaval

Not sure the spattering of rain will wash away this turmoil.
Unlike the oil left on the black concreted fuming in the hot sun
Her fuming has yet begun

Not sure the heart will see clear of this unfinished love story
Not unlike the boys that go off to war never to be heard from again
This story much like theirs may never have an end

It is too hard to state what it is we hold dear sometimes
Like the earth holding onto water in the summer
Parched in the afterglow of what she thought was love for her

She dives into nothingness
An empty abyss of what ifs and maybes
Like an act in the play where woman search for their babies

It will be the same again as it was once before
As the birth of a new song bird will trace it’s ancestors path
Will teaches her to fly to the coast and back

It is the landing that proves to be difficult
Where on the soft earth shall we decide to build our home
Once we have found it will our hearts still roam

How easy it would be to just enjoy a bit of bliss
To let the settling waves lap at your hot feet and cool you
Inevitably the wave becomes angry dragging all your love into its dark blue

Waiting like the bird in the egg to be hatched
Wondering if the brightness beyond its opalescent cage is all it hoped for
She waits for the brightness to break through so that she may begin to explore

The journey of love is one that must be had
Like the birth and death we will all experience
Before we fall into the void of complete nothingness


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