Be Still A Minute

I saw the little shadow fly Over me but didn’t hear a sound
I just watched as it circled above me by looking at the ground

When I finally gazed up to see what was above
All I could feel was my departed grandpas love

As a brilliant blue hummingbird quickly flapped it’s wings
I remembered a moment in my childhood of all things

It was the end of a long summers day with my gramps
And we waited for what seemed like forever for my grams

He thought it’d me fun to feed the hummingbirds
Placing birdseed on his bald head I thought he was absurd

He said to me “be still just wait for a minute”, I didn’t know what was to take place
When suddenly a hummingbird fluttered around his head and hovered infront of his face

He was as still as a Greek statue suddenly
As the bird quickly surveyed our territory

Then when all seemed clear the bird steadied itself
And ate that bird seed on the top of gramps scalp

It was as quick to eat as it was to fly
I wasn’t sure I believed my eyes

Once it’s tummy was full and the bird flew away
My gramps chucked while brushing the remaining seed from his frame

I guess I looked scared because when he finally saw my expression
A concerned look over took his and he knelt down towards my direction

“It’s ok LoLa I meant for that to happen”
“I figured you’d see it and get to some laughin”

It is the sweetest memory I have of him, sadly there are very few
I will always remember the way he laughed as the bird was full and flew

As I looked at this hummingbird that hovered before me
Wondering why I could not hear the whistle of his wing speed

It stopped where it was, it’s blue body shining
It just looked at me as I looked at it flying

If I had moved, it would have flown away
It would think I had thought it my prey

All I know is I would have missed it’s brilliance and it’s look
If I hadn’t of taken those few minutes to escape from my book

Looking towards the earth, thankful for this moment
When I looked up again the hummingbird had vanished

As the moment passed I had to laugh at myself for a bit
Thank you gramps for teaching me to just be still a minute.


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