The Coming Of Fall

You can see that fall is on it’s way again. The trees are dotted with reds and Orangish-yellow hues. The ground is suddenly being pelted by the weakest of the leaves. As they are ready to take the great fall to death before all their branch mates.

But it isn’t the hibernation of Mother Nature’s green life that makes me realize fall is coming, as much as it is her breath and her mood. Her slight weeping in the early mornings. Her dismal dreary afternoon where no sun could ever penetrate her fog. Her chill breath that brushes my hair off my shoulders and makes me hug myself.

Yes, fall is on it’s way as Mother Nature tends to her feelings. Getting ready for her grief from the past years pain, to take hold. She preps for the darkness of winter where she her self will fight her own painful depression.

Fall is just the beginning of the coldness, just as spring will be her rebirth. Spring we will feel her hopes again. Flowers and colors will surface everywhere. The sun will be visible once more and we will know that once again another Nature is happy.

Until the spring, please hold on tight.


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