All Night Buffet

Yesterday I was not feeling well. I could not figure out if it was a flu or strep throat or what. All I know is my body ached, while my throat and neck hurt and I was exhausted. A friend brought me some frozen yogurt to sooth my aching throat. However when he arrived he brought in with him a blood thirsty vampire. ( I never even gave the fanger permission to come in). Apparently the little blood sucker left my friends garlic infested thin blood, for the sweet thick elixir of mine. Not aware of this creepy intruder I stayed pleasantly relaxed and happy in my nakedness. Even though my friend did not stay the fanged tyrant did, and decided to make me it’s unwilling all night buffet.

It wasn’t until 3 am that I even heard the buzzing of his flying around my head. Torturing me with the sudden knowledge that I was not alone. It is only now, after it’s night of feasting that I realize that I In fact slept with a blood thirsty demon last night. I realize what gorging it did through the night, as I rub my body with my hands, I can feel the 10 or 12 pock like bumps I now have forming on my arms, hands and neck.

I will now await in this unhappy realization for the itching to set in. Because apparently feeling I’ll wasn’t enough for me to deal with at once. I just hope that filthy pest did not give me bird flu or I’ll be really pissed ( and really sick ).

Just another day in LoLa-land.


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