Mini- Class Reunion

I don’t know how it started or how I even got roped into at all, but last night I met a few people that I graduated high school with at a local restaurant. What was interesting to me was that I didn’t hang out with any of these people during school. I knew them all and talked to them all, (it wasn’t like I didn’t know them) but I was not close with any of them.
It was rather an odd match up to. We literally came from all different clicks on campus. There was the gear head, the popular girl, the party girl, the stoner dude, the jock, the brain and me. I always considered myself pretty generic. I thought of myself as the wanderer and not really in a click. But, a friend told me recently that I was the hippy chick. She said you were always like “peace man”. So, let’s add the hippy to the group.

I was the hippy to them and yet after listening to all of their crazy antics, I realize I was the good girl. Most of them were getting drunk and doing drugs before school each day. Their stories were all about getting busted by the on campus “narks” or where they could buy alcohol around town as minors. I was like “really”? I had no idea so many people were getting fucked up before school.
I was kind of shocked and looked at them all so surprised and said, “damn I didn’t realize I was such a Good Girl In high school”? To which the jock lets out a huge laugh and says, “YOU WERE”!! It only took me a minute to remember why I was not drunk with all of them, I worked (An Ox to the core).

I got a job working at a card store when I was only 14. I was actually under the legal working age for our state to be able to get a paying job, but I lied about my age. I was so young I had to walk to work and have my mom pick me up afterwards if it was dark. I worked everyday after school from 3pm until closing, which was 6 or 8 during Christmas time. I remember I made $4.25 and hour (minimum wage) and during the 3 years I worked there I got 3 raises so I was making a healthy $5.00 per hour when I quit.

I guess that is why I missed all the good times in high school. I can’t say I mind. I spent my money on furniture and vacations instead of alcohol and drugs. Funny thing is I don’t think anyone else at the table got a college education, besides me. It doesn’t matter now, but I wonder how much our individual head spaces effected that. Did all their partying play a factor at all in their future lives? It’s not like I was always a good girl. I just caught the fever for mind altering substances in college instead of high school or junior high.

Oh well just another skip down memory lane in LoLa-Land.


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