Is A cheat Always A Cheat?

Cheating seems to be in the air everywhere around me, it has me reeling. Are ALL men low down dirty dog assholes who can’t keep their little heads in their jeans? So many of my friends seem to be dealing with crushed hearts right now. Every man I have dated since I was married has either actively flirted with other woman, been searching for another woman or cheated on me.
I sit in complete awe and wonder about men. I love being in a relationship. I love being loved and feeling love for someone else. But, I truly wonder if I can ever have trust in anyone ever again, to be faithful?

I’m not stupid. I realize that woman are just as guilty of being cheats as men. I am guilty of being a cheat as well, I don’t like that I can say this but it’s true. I know how my situation went down and why. I also know the actions I took to rectify the situation. But, will i be more likely or less likely to do it again?
I know how I felt after cheating on my ex. I still have disgust for myself and my actions. I hope that I would be less likely to cheat because of that disgust. But, not all people are like me. I know countless people who cheat all the time with multiple people and act as if there are no issues. I know people who have had affairs for years with a person and never seem to want to stop.
Why not just walk away from the current partner? Obviously there is a issue in the relationship, So; why stay in it, if you can’t be faithful?
The other thing that gets me is the potential for diseases. Do these people use condoms? Do they consider their oblivious partners and how they could be spreading a STD’s to them? (I know when I strayed I wouldn’t go near him without a condom.) When will we have lawsuits where a person takes their ex to court for giving them a life threatening illness? I’m surprised I have not heard of those court cases yet?
So, once a cheat always a cheat? I hope not! How do we get past the fear and baggage that comes from being the one that’s been cheated on? Will it become more the norm in life while monogamy just dies off (much like marriage). Or will we all be so sick of being cheated on, that we just stop being in relationships at all?


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