It Is A New Day

It’s the start of something new
A fresh day with no mistakes
It’s time to change the things I do
I’m gonna give it whatever it takes

Like a New Years resolution
I’m stepping up to some change
It’s the natural evolution
A new way of being will be arraigned

I’m going to spread my wings and fly again
But this time I’m flying alone
No longer going to be waiting for something to begin
I’m going to start this adventure on my own

The strength can be found inside of me
The power I need to forage on
I will glide in the weathers natural wind speed
Until all my energy is gone

I will soar to the highest tips of all the tallest peaks
I will brake and dive toward the beautiful valleys
I will see only that which true visionaries seek
No longer be stuck by the fears that bind me

It’s a new day today one untouched by all
A promise I intend to keep for myself
I will straddle my fears again when they come to call
I will love my life for me and no one else

It’s a rebirth of sorts if you will
It’s a hunger growing with in me
I’m not scared of what’s unclear
Because soon I know I’ll see

It’s a new day for me and for anyone else who dares
The eclipse that has been forming around my soul
Will be ripped away by my journey through the air
This is my new mantra, this is my new goal

It is a new day


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