Don’t Let The Fear Stop You

What an amazing weekend I have had. (And can I tell you how happy I am it’s only Sunday morning and I have all day to recuperate from it). I have gone to two different parties this weekend at two different places I have never been, filled with people I have never met, with only the friends I came with for a comfort zone.

I have met and made friends with so many people I can’t even come close to remembering all of their names. Let’s see if I can take a shot at it quickly, “Lisa, Tim, Pauly, Josh, Patty, Jessie, Ken, Mike, Art, 2 Kelly’s, 2 Joes, Lauren, Trevor, Levi, Erica, Elizabeth, John and I’m finishing with Bob”, because even though there was about 6 more I can’t remember their names.

When I left work Friday my co worker asked me if I was nervous about my impending night. ” no why would I be nervous?” I asked.
She replied “I could never just go to a party in a strange town with a bunch of strangers. I would be scared to death and not talk to anyone!”

Of course, I know that fear, she’s talking about. Once you get away from trying new things and you just go home every night to be with your man or your family, the idea of going clubbing or out to some random social event where you are not in your comfort zone is very scary.

I said, “ah honey I used to be you. In my house with my hubby every night getting fat watching NCIS and eating Ben and Jerry’s by the pint. But, if you go out with a big group it makes it far easier to feel comfortable because you have so many people you know to talk to; you can actually go all evening without talking to someone new”.

She replied, “I couldn’t do it even then. I would just hold myself up in some corner, while waiting and wishing for it to be over.”

All I could think, was how sad that image was. I’m so thankful I broke through my fear all those years ago. I have had so very many wonderful experiences with my friends and have made so very many new friends just getting out there. Nothing makes me feel more alive then meeting new people. I feel their energy and it revitalizes me ( extrovert to the core here).

This weekend brought me to two totally new environments that I plan to visit again, because I felt so at home in them. It also brought me music, amazing musicians that played for us for free. I listened to a 50’s hop band, a country singer, old rock group and a amazing soloist. I feel blessed to have been able to hear their delightful melodies for free. As I am well aware of how much nicer the parties were, just having the sounds they were making wafting through the crowd.

I’m feeling very thankful today. I’m feeling very blessed to have had the invitations given to me to be apart of so much fun and entertainment. I feel fuller now from having spent time with so many wonderful people and getting to feel so many new energies. I don’t ever want to stay scared in my house again. I don’t want to ever be that girl that to afraid to try new things. I am thankful I dragged two of my girlfriends out with me to last night festivities and that on more than one occasion they both turned to me and thanked me for dragging them along because they had the “best night ever!!” (Their words) I felt like a proud mama and I was so much happier with my evening, just seeing them so happy.

Here’s to just going for it! Here’s to yet another exciting weekend in LoLa-Land.


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