The Clicking of the Clock

Sitting in the hospital room
Bright lights and beeping sounds elude me
But the clicking of that damn clock remind me how long he’s been asleep.
With each second that passes his chances of waking minimize.
I want to stop that damn clock.

The Clock at the finish line keeps rounding up to the next minute
As I’m counting the seconds when I don’t have to push anymore. I will soon be able to stop and breath. It reminds me with each second that passes the progressing clock changes my time.
With each click of the second hand, my success rate lessens, as my run takes longer.

I clock in each day at work
Clocking in and out for lunch
Just working my time until I can clock out for the day. Watching as those long minutes click slowly away.

Deadlines at work have me watching the clock. Reminding me that the project must be done in 5 hours, 30minutes and 10 seconds, 9 seconds, 8, 7, 6… The pressure builds as each seconds pass and I wish it to stop.

The daylight clock warns me of the passing hours. As the sun rises telling me it’s time to rise with it. The hours pass and the suns setting reminds me it is now time for bed, even when I’m not tired. But, if I don’t sleep now I will have less time to sleep.

The Train schedule is based on the schedule. The train depot clock keeps everything running right on time. Wether I am there or not, it will not matter because the train will leave when that clicking clock tells it to.

My Cell phone clock chirps at me all the time reminding me of my future appointments. Notifying me that I have 15 minutes to get where ever I need to be. Ruling my days activities.

The scoreboard clock tells us how much longer the game will last. Counting down the impending deadline that sounds the end if the game. The clicking of that second hand warning the players they only have so long to make that final amazing play.

The Clock of time spreads over my face like a road map. Aging me with wrinkles and sun spots as the hours turn to days and days into weeks. As my body starts to ache just from waking up, I realize my time is dwindling.

The clicking clock rules my world and keeps me spinning with it. With each passing second I am forced to live within it’s demands. The time line of life that runs off that changing clock.
That damn clicking of the clock determines my life’s next move.


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