Good Deed In LoLa-land

Years ago in college I was good friends with this guy Tommy. Now Tommy was this really hippy, peace loving, long haired, Birkenstocks kind of guy. He was very peaceful and I swear to god rainbows would follow him. Tommy and I had a little crush going between us but both of us were in other relationships so we let it rest. But, because Tommy had a little crush on me he could never say “no”to me.
So, when I asked him one day, “Thomas can I wear your hat?”
The hat was this really cool old school grey wool snap cap that was lined with silk, and looked good worn backwards or frontwards.
“Yes you can wear my hat” he replied, ” but only you, and you have to give it back because it was my grandpas and it’s all I have left of him. ”

It became a regular thing for he and I. Tommy would come to school wearing the cap and I would in turn take it from him and wear it all day. Some how, some way. I ended up with the cap. We graduated and he moved away and I still had his grandpas cap.

For decades I have felt bad about having inadvertently stolen this man last remaining heirloom from his dead gramps!! I took care of it and loved it for 20 years. For 20 years my ex hubby and I took turns wearing it. It kept my hair dry on many a rainy days. It was also perfect for those bad hair days. But, I never felt right having it.

One day Tommy and I discovered each other on Facebook. He’s married now with a wife and New baby and lives about 6 hours away from me. It was his birthday last week, so I cleaned up his hat and mailed it back to him. I let him know in a note how bad I felt for having ended up with it and how loved it was.

He emailed me yesterday and thanked me for his hat. He said, he couldn’t stop smiling. He was so shocked I still had it after all these years and how wonderful it was to have it back again.

I love making people happy because damn. it just makes me feel happy and then everyone is happy!

It was a good day in LoLa-Land


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