Honesty or stupidity

I was recently asked out by a man via email. The only picture he had seen of me was from LinkedIn and that was how he contacted me.
He said, ” hi LoLa would you ever want to go to the wince country with me?”

His LinkedIn message came with a photo of him but it was hard to see. I My response was, “I would be willing to go to the wine country with you if I could get to know you better first”. So, we start emailing and I quickly realize that I am asking him all the questions and he is asking me nothing. Then when I ask him what he wanted to do in the wine country? He suddenly said he didn’t know and I should plan something. (Really?)

Then, the man wants me to email him more pictures of myself, his excuse being, “if and when we go out I can recognize you.” I kept ignoring the request for more photos because I already was finding myself bored. Finally I said to him, “why do you want another picture so bad? Are you worried I’m a dog?”
He replied “LoLa, I just wanted to make sure you are not overweighted (that’s something which pushes me back in a date), so just wanted to avoid such a bad experience.”
Well if you have been a subscriber for awhile you know this did not go over well at all.
After several hours, I sent him this response.
” I’m sorry for the tardiness of my response but it needed some thought. I appreciate your honesty for two reasons. 1- I hate when people lie. I would rather know the truth then to find out later. 2- because you have allowed me the opportunity to realize how very little interest I have in meeting you.

To eliminate any potential female partners based on their weight is extremely narrow minded because I know a lot of us ( yes I said us, as I am overweight) who are smarter, funnier and more down to earth then a lot of slender woman who have been able to get away with just their good looks, their entire lives. I have not always been able to bat my eyelashes to get out of a situation or into one.

See, by your question alone, you have dismissed any promise of any date with me. I would never be comfortable with you, knowing you were repelled by the sight of me. So, you will never know how smart, extremely witty and fun I am. Due to your bigotry, you would never appreciate my hourglass figure or the fact that despite my weight I am extremely healthy and active, Because all you would see is fat?

But, again I’m happy for your candor and honesty. I admit that took some balls or you are just extremely stupid? But, another truth about me, is that I don’t go out with narrow minded bigots. So, regarding your first question, I think I’ll pass on that date.

I may have gone a little overboard with my response but I’m pretty disgusted by this guys view point. I am so glad I have a filtering process because i would probably have ended up wanting to have a friend call me with a fake emergency, so I could leave early, if we had gone out.

I wonder was this guy really honest or really stupid? Because it’s obvious to me he is narrow minded and since one of my favorite expressions is, “minds are like parachutes, they only work when they are open”, I’m thinking “please don’t ever email me again”.


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