Ben Wa Balls

I recently tried the Ben Wa balls I’ve had in my “sex” drawer. (the sex drawer, as i lovingly call it, is a drawer of little fun things, that I have collected through the years that enhance the art of love making… Or they can be used individually) I’ve had my Ben Wa Balls for about 12 years but have never used. I used to sell them when I had my pleasure party company.

Yes I washed them first, but they have resided in a pretty, clear case, where they sit on a red velvet little pedestal, so they didn’t get all dirty. They have always looked like gold gems to me. I’m not sure if I’ve always thought they were to pretty to use or if I just hopped I didn’t need them, but yes I’ve owned them over a decade and never tried them out.

In case you don’t know what they are. Ben Wa Balls here is a definition Ben Wa Ball . In short they are marble size weighted balls that woman can put into their vaginas to either stimulate a better orgasm. Woman can also use them to strengthen their kegel muscles by trying to hold them in as long as possible.

Well I was finally reading the 50 shades of Grey books and the writer describes a scene between the two main characters where they use the balls during a sexual act that sounded like fun to me. So, I called…. A friend, and solicited his help in trying it out. All I am going to say is that though we did not really try what was mentioned in the book I found them a lot of fun. (Wink wink).

But, when everything was said and done I couldn’t get the damn things out! I was bouncing up and down on my bed. I was jumping in place, I was using every muscle I had in my vagina to try and squeeze them out. Then I was trying to loosen up and relaxe every muscle in my vagina thinking, “maybe they will fall out”. Still, they did not fall out. My friend tried to go in and grab them some how (not like I was going to let him stick his entire hand in there or anything!) but his finger just pushed the damn thing up further. At first this was funny and I bounced on the bed giggling, still coming down from my orgasm. But, after everything had not worked I was started to panic. Insane thoughts jerked my euphoria from me and Plaqued me with crazy worries like “what if I can never find them and try cause cancer? What will happen if I go through the metal detector? Will I just burp them up? (Yes I know these are a stretch but I was feeling very vulnerable at this point).

Finally my friend googles ” how to get Ben Wa Balls out” and it told me to go utinate and then reach up and get them. That they should have dropped from the relaxation needed for mr to pee. Luckily for me because I was thinking it was going to be a long night at the clinic, I tried what they said and it worked. The Balls slipped down enough for me to retrieve them.

I gotta say, I’m not to jazzed about trying them again anytime soon. My friend made the suggestion that they should be on some sort of string. Funny enough, the ones they show on the link above do have a string. I guess my pair or just to old or that brilliant idea.

Just another comical day in LoLa-land



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