They Lie

The lies they tell are just piling up
Like an alcoholic trying to fill-up a Dixie-cup

They tell you whatever they think You want to hear
Relaying antidotes of a time they supposedly held dear

They are all so attentive, so charming and so sweet
Like telling you they love you the first time that you meet

They make promises of big future plans
They speak of sunsets, long massages and white sands

They will have volumes to tell you and hours to give
They will stroke your ego and want to see where you live

You’ll think you found your perfect mate
And Just when you thought it would be too late

You put down your guard and show them you care
Communicating with an intimacy that only lovers share

As soon as that intimate moment has passed
You will soon become a thing of the past

They will have excuses for all their missed dates
Spinning lies like spiders while they pontificate

Forgetting to mention the wives they are trying to not to face
Do you now see why you always hung out at your place

Their emails will become simple and short
“Really busy here, not much to report”

Any questions you ask will go unanswered
Because What you want doesn’t really matter

They got what they wanted with no gratitude
Now all they share with you are lies and platitudes

They may still tell you that your beautiful
Giving you their attention in small spoonfuls

When you see them in public don’t bother being surprised
When they look right though you as if they never laid by your side


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