Eclectic performances

It was another crazy night to
night in LoLa-Land! Once again I found myself wondering “how did I get here”?

My friends and I were at a local bar where normally they have live bands playing. We never really know what type of band is going to be up there. I have heard the sounds of reggae, ska, blues, jazz and like a weird spiritual twangy soft sound, with bells (that one was weird), have all played there. Usually the bands are pretty good. So, my ladies and I like to go there because we get to dance or just sit, listen and watch the crowds of people, marvel at their looks, dance style or the fact that they’re lighting up a joint in a bar. Good times, they are always good times.

Last night we walked into the place and instead of a dance floor, there were rows and rows of black VIP chairs all facing the stage. So, the ladies and I grab ourselves a seat, in the sea of many, and waited to see what would happen next.

What happened next was an interesting assortment of skills in artistic fields and wanting to just be in the spot light, even though they were not very good at what they were doing ( “attempting”maybe would work better here). Suddenly a poet came up and started sporting some really deep, mad rhymes, then a gogo dancer with this shinny jumpsuit and a big black Afro, started dancing. We saw two burlesque dancers strip down from flashy sequined outfits, to flashy sequined panties and pasties with tassels. (I have never before seen tassels spin around with such enthusiasm.) We saw bad magic tricks and heard more amazing poetry. But, I think the coolest performance the entire night came from the fire dancers. Two woman wearing the same black shirts, hip hop shorts and top hats, swinging around these arm extensions made of metal with multi-rods coming off the end like fingers, and all of these ” finger like” rods were on fire. They did an entire routine to The thrift shop song.

My friends and I had smiles on our faces all night. If we weren’t astounded we were at least humored by each performance, as crazy as the night seemed we had a blast.

Just another day in LoLa-Land




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