At The Movies

I hate going to the movies for several reasons.
1- I hate spending what I think are inflated prices
2- I hate that I can’t pause it to pee
3- I hate that I can’t move around in my seat because my back starts to hurt and I become really uncomfortable.
4- I hate that I become so reactive.

Now I need to admit my own malfunction when it comes to the theater, I don’t know what it is, but I pretty much become a part of the movie. I have not only cried at movies, like when Sally Field was telling the rest of the ladies on “Steele Magnolias” about what it was like to turn off her daughter (Julia Roberts) life support. I have sobbed (of course it was the only time I ever took ecstasy) watching “When A Man Loves A Woman”, when Meg Ryan is Yelling at her Husband ” I am not your little problem to solve”. My heart broke and yearned for Daniel Day Lewis in the “Last of the Mohicans”, when he had to leave his love behind, knowing she would be captured and was yelling at her as he gripped her, “stay alive! You must stay alive!” And then he jumps into the waterfall. I mean, I to wanted to get on that spaceship with E.T! I wanted to be Elliott, I wanted to be ” home”. I guess you could say I am very effected by movies.

I have physical responses to things that happen. I have been known to throw my body back in a car chase scene, Or hide behind my purse if its a horror movie. I will literally be physically uncomfortable because of what’s happening in the movie. When I was watching “chamber of Secrets” with my nephew and it was the scene where Harry and Ron are in the spider cave and all the spiders start chasing them, I had a death grip on my nephews leg. I was so fricken scared, He was trying to remove my death grip and was saying “owwww auntie my leg, my leg!” I was so into the film I didn’t even realize I was doing it.

I was watching an intense movie on a plane once and during a scary scene I screamed, jumped and grabbed my armrest so hard I woke up the guy sleeping next to me. He ended up jumping and screaming, because of me. His wife who sat on the other side of him was cracking up and I heard few chuckles coming from behind us.
Tonight my niece reminded me of the fact that I grabbed her arm and scared the death out of her during the last Hunger Games Movie. Tonight’s movie was no different. At one particular stressful moment, I jumped up and threw both my arms out and ended up grabbing both my niece and this perfect stranger sitting next to me. Both of them jumped from my sudden freak out. I felt so bad, especially for the man I didn’t know. But, I did apologize. ☺️
Just another day in LoLa- Land


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