It’s so cold….

I think I’m starting to see what it must feel like to live in very Cold climates. I have gone without a heater now for three nights. Each morning my home is a little bit colder. Each night the chill invades my skin and sticks to my bones a little bit more then the last night. I have permanent frost bite on my fingers, from my over using my computer.
I sleep with longsleeve shirts on and pants when normally I sleep naked. And I only started sleeping in clothes because, the other night, I woke up from rolling over onto 30° sheets, since they were not covered by any of the blankets all night. It felt like somebody threw Coldwater all over my shoulders.
When I work out my sweat just freezes instead of running down my chest.
When I shower, i stand in the water for about 20 minutes, because it takes me that long To thaw out. It is also the only time actually feel warm.
My Water jug which normally resides in the fridge, can sit out on the counter, because it stays just as cold there as it does in the fridge.
I have to get dressed in my bed under all of my covers.
Last night I asked any of my friends on Facebook if I could rent their naked warm bodies, not for sex, just to cuddle with.
I’m looking into buying stock in the Dura-Flame company.
Boiling water takes longer because it freezes before I can start to heat it up.
My pet is hiding in the oven in hopes that I will turn it on to warm them up.
My plants are fine as long as I don’t touch them. If I touch them, their leaves just break right off.
It’s a good thing I don’t have kids living with me or they would probably try to climb back up my vagina.
I was even thinking about maybe taking some of the homeless guys newspaper so I could shove it between my clothes and my skin.
OY! Tonight should be even better.

Just another day in LoLa-Land


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