Dating Game

Let’s hear it for the Dating Game, What a fricken disaster it is. Just after thanksgiving I finally bit the bullet and I joined a dating site. I decided I would join the masses and look for love online. It has been a whirlwind, I tell you. It’s like a buffet of potential suitors. Or so you think…

I put all over my profile that I was looking for love. I am not looking for a one night stand, no friends with benefits, but rather a relationship. ( and based on my last post I am ignorantly hoping to find a love that lasts forever). I have a very modest age range of about 6 years younger than me to 10 years older ( believe it or not, I like them older). And yet I have been approached by countless men who are 20 to 24! My favorite response was to the 20 year old; I said, ” I was at a bar drinking legally the night you were born”. (He thought that was hot?) Or the men of all ages who just start with, ” would you like to fuck!?” Like we are on Grinder instead? I even had a transgender women approach me and it says on me profile I want a man. When I told her I was not into woman, she copped and attitude and said I was anti-tranny. (When the entire time I was thinking, I don’t want someone with boobs)

Do people even read the question and answers? Or do they just look at your picture and go from there? I would have thought that my clarity on what I wanted would stop the “sex” requests or at the very least stop the men who answered, “one day” to the question “how long do you want your next relationship to last”?

My sister told me once she went on 10 dates before she met one worth keeping. That didn’t seem like a lot to me then. But having only been on a few dates already. I spent the entire time wishing I had suggested coffee or some sort of “7 minute ABs” competition, rather than suggesting dinner or a walk around San Francisco, where I am spending hours with a man I’m not jelling with.

At this rate by the time I get to 10 dates, I will probably have decided to become a Nun.

Just another bad date in LoLa-Land.


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