False Advertising

Last night I Went on yet another interesting first date from my adventures, in online dating. I was actually excited to meet this guy. From His profile pictures he looked really cute, tall ( which I like), successful. And we have a lot in common. We are like a 90% match and I really liked the answers that he gave, and his comments made me laugh. So, I was really hopeful he would be worth seeing again.

Just before the date he actually called me and told me his car was broke down. He asked me if I could come to him instead of him come to me. I’m not going to lie, this did raise a red flag, a little bit. I went ahead and drove to him, I was fine with that. I pulled up in front of his house which was a normal suburban home. I walked up the wheelchair ramp outside and wondered to myself, “why is there a wheelchair ramp?” I rang the doorbell and it took a while but the door finally opened and i was face to face with an 80-year-old, bald man in his white T-shirt and underwear and he stood about 5’4. All I could think to myself was “holy shit is this my date”?

“You must be here for Dennis, hold on” and then the man calls for his son up the stairs, it was all very reminiscent of high school to me. When Dennis finally appeared he was not the 5’10 frame he quoted online, He was more like 5’6 and he was not the skinny good-looking guy in his pictures, he was more like chubby and Balding.

What is this? why do people post pictures of themselves that are so old, that it’s like false advertising. It’s the same as boasting about he’s success and yet he’s very much living with his father, in his childhood home (I imagine still in his childhood bed). Do people not think that their dates are going to find any of this out? Did he not think that I would notice that he was 4 inches shorter then promised? As disturbing as all of this was i still went on with the date, and tried to keep an open mind.

Originally he suggested we go to the beach with a bottle wine, which where we live, takes about an hour just to get there, so it would’ve been about a 3-6 hour-long date. After my last bad online date, I thought it best to stop with the actual date-dates, and just go for coffee at first. So this time I had the gumption to suggest we do just that and boy was I thankful for that decision.

We sat at the local coffee shop talking, while small kids ran all around us, parents and families laughing at neighboring tables, celebrating the holidays and this man I was with proceeded to spend 45 minutes telling me about his “bitch ex-wife” (his words) and dropping about 50 F-bombs in the process (if you don’t know what an f-bomb is, it’s using the word Fuck). Now I’m not a prude, in fact I talk like a truck driver most of the time, myself. But, I also notice my environment and know when it’s appropriate and when it’s not. I didn’t think that this family location was necessarily the idea place for his inadequate word selection.

Needless to say after the coffee I took his butt straight home, with an excuse that the 9:30 PM hour was just a little too late for me. When we said goodbye, I began to quickly leave and he asked me for a hug. I gave him
the one armed side hug and quickly turned a left. I then met up with my girlfriends at the local bar, where we ended up having a great night together. Sometimes things are just not meant to be.

Just another dating fiasco in the single life in LoLa-Land


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  1. The Woman Invisible
    Dec 14, 2014 @ 10:21:47

    I always ask for new photos and a selfie. Men always lie about their height.


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