The Plan

I was talking to the wasbund the other day and he was really upset. You see he just recently was dumped like a hot potatoe by his girlfriend of six months. She literally left him for another man. My poor wasbund has been sad and depressed for weeks, but on this day he seemed particularly upset.

“What’s up babe?” I asked him sensing his melancholy seemed worse.

“She’s bringing him to the Christmas party!” He replies dryly.

“WHAT!!” I screech.

Now I need to fill you all in on the backstory here, they work together. He works for a company full time and she is a contractor who comes in maybe once a month. So they are both invited to the company Christmas party. This company has really amazing Christmas parties. (I know this, because I went to two of them when he was still my husband.)

“It’s only been like two weeks and you will be there! What is she thinking?” I continue to rant. “That is so messed up, and so very thoughtless!”

“I’m not going ” he replies sadly

“WHAT!” I scream into the phone again. “This is YOUR company Christmas party! You put up with that places bullshit for more than 40 hours a week. She should either not come, or at the very LEAST, not bring her new man to rub in your face.!”

“Exactly, which is why I’m not going. I can’t be around that. I can’t see her with another man LoLa!” He says irritated.

” Fuck that!!” I replied, ” your going to go and your gonna have your own hot date!! I’m going to get you a date! If I can’t find you a hot girl to flirt with you as your date, I will rent you one!”

He started laughing

“I don’t know why your laughing. I am serious as a fucking Heart attack. That is some messed up shit! You won’t be missing your party and we’re going to make sure she feels bad for leaving you!”

“Whatever LoLa” and he chuckled me away

The next day I contacted a friend who is beautiful and single. She is this petite sexy blonde, who weighs maybe 80lbs, and the men all love her and want to put her in their pocket. I told her about my wasbund, and the BS that his ex was pulling, and without any hesitation she said, “what time and where?”

I’m going over to her house before their date to help her pick out something sexy but classy to wear. This pho-date may not relieve any of my wasbund pain; But, It will certainly allow him to have a fun night. My friend is already planning the moves she will place on him and he is fully aware it is all for show. I’m not into tricking people or being a liar, because I believe in Karma, but sometimes you have to “use fire to fight fire”.

This is me standing up for my loved ones.


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