Get Going Now

Did you just say this conversation is over?
But you forgot to ask me how I felt
I will tell you how I feel right now dear lover
Your not the only one who can snap the belt

I don’t like the way you decide if and when we talk
I don’t like to feel as though my needs aren’t as important as yours
I don’t like how you are always ahead of me when we walk
Or that you don’t bother to open any of my doors

Don’t ask me to make you food anymore
It’s not something I ever want to do
I’ve told you countless times before
I have no interest in serving you

Stop over analyzing my schedule, it’s not yours to keep
My calendar shouldn’t have to incorporate your feelings
It’s none of your concern when I eat or when I sleep
All of your constant worrying has got me

You stress out over pretty much everything
There’s no way for you to ever adapt
You won’t even go to hear a band sing
Plans must wait until your done with your nap

You have never given me a compliment
I’m not entirely sure your even attracted to me
Sometimes you treat me like I’m incompetent
Or I’m blind and somehow I need you to see

I have been just fine for over 40 years
I have made quite the life for myself
Let me make myself perfectly clear
I think it’s time to move on to someone else

Get Going Now


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