Did you Fuck Him?

I recently went out with a bunch of my 40 something year old friends. Three of us were single one has been happily married for 20 years. I told the ladies about another crazy “online dating” date I had recently. I told them about his extremely bad breath and complete rudeness towards the staff and other patrons at the restaurant where we were, and how I couldn’t wait to get away from him.

When I finished recanting my story one of my friends turned to me and said, “did you fuck him?”
“What?!” I asked her shocked.
“Did you fuck him?” She asked again matter of factly.
“Um did you hear what I said? The guy was a total dick! I couldn’t wait to leave! Why would you ask me that?” I asked her almost irritated.

Then another friend piped in, “LoLa don’t you fuck them still?” She asked me.

At this point I was offended, as I’m wondering to myself. “Do they think I’m a slut”?

“Of course I didn’t fuck him! Why would you think I’d do that?” I asked obviously irritated now.

Both my single friends seemed amused and giggled. Both of them have been single a lot longer than me. The married girl looked as confused as me. One of the single ladies states, ” I always fuck the ones I don’t like” she said.
As my other single friend stood next to her, nodding her head up and down.

“Why! Why the hell would you sleep with someone you don’t like?” I asked shocked but relieved I wasn’t viewed as a slut.

“Why not!” She responded. (As my other still friend stood there shaking her head In a agreement), “I mean, who cares? You will probably never see them again and you may have some fun, right?!”

“Yep!” The other single lady agrees.

I stood there with an open mouth and a shocked expression, finally I asked the other obvious question “what do you do when you do like them?”

The single lady who asked me in the first place says quickly, “oh well those you don’t fuck. Those are the ones you just kiss and flirt with. That way they ask you out again.”

Again, the other single stood next to her agreeing with everything she was hearing.
I was just shocked. All these years I’ve been doing it wrong. Or am I?

“LoLa, you don’t fuck them?” She asks me.

“NO!!” I almost screech, “Well first of all, I never have sex on the first date. That is a rule i have. And I have this rule because I don’t like to ‘fuck strangers’. If I like the guy enough to go out again, (which had only been once since going on this online dating website). Then it’s all up in the air after that and just depends on the situation. I made my wasbund wait 3 months.”
“LoLa you were like 16 when you met your ex that doesn’t count.” She replies

“I was 19, Thank you! And I know we are beyond that now, but still I wouldn’t want to sleep with someone I don’t like. I don’t understand that at all. If I don’t like someone then I by no means want them touching me, much less sharing bodily fluids with me! What the hell?” I looked at them with an expression of ‘what’s the deal?’ With my arms open as if to say, ‘somebody help me here’ and they both looked at me and shrugged.

Oh well, to each their own right? I couldn’t do it. I guess I don’t Fuck. I have sex or make love. I’ve always been the relationship girl, so; the idea of having intercourse with a man I don’t like sounds like torture to me. Especially if you follow the belief that you will forever be connected, in a spiritual way to anyone who enters your vagina. It’s an interesting philosophy, I am not sure where I stand on it. But, it should at least give you
‘food for thought’ right?

( oh and all I gotta say again is, WEAR CONDOMS!)

Just another sexual discussion in LoLa-Land


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