Green with Gimmies

On this very merry Christmas I find myself faced with the “Gimmies”. I have a number of girlfriends who are all in different stages of being in relationships, and they are all being spoiled by their men. One of my girlfriends has been married for 15 years, one is a newlywed, one is engaged and one has been dating a man for just over a month. And every single one of them either got diamonds, coach purses, Louboutin’s or all of the before mentioned for Christmas.

I have been green with the Gimmies, I have been so jealous. I would love to be spoiled for a change. Just once I would love to date a man who had more money than me and is maybe even romantic. I have always been with men who have either little, to no money, or they have a hard time making “ends meat”. I usually hear something like, ” I don’t have a lot of money babe, so is it ok if we don’t exchange gifts this year” ? Or, “I couldn’t afford much so here is some slippers.” My girl friends have been given cars and all expenses paid vacations. One of my friends this Christmas alone, got a pair of 1 carrot diamond earrings and a ring ( not a wedding ring). I’ve only ever been given extraordinary trips from my gays; Which is wonderful but there is never any romantic nights. I had a man actually not even give me a gift for my birthday because when he asked me what I wanted I said ” you don’t have to get me anything.” I never thought he would believe me.

Just once I would like to date a man who has more money than me. It would be so nice to not have to worry about a dinner making it so he can’t afford his rent. It would be amazing to have someone buy several things for me instead of just one. But even nicer, would be if they were really expensive name brand things. I don’t have even own one Coach purse, compared to my friends and their multiple color options of coach bags.

This is not like me. I don’t really need or want expensive items. But, for some reason this year has been really difficult, maybe it’s because I’m single. Maybe it’s because one of my single ladies Isn’t single suddenly, and being pampered like crazy. She’s like ” cinder- fuckin-rella”, because of how amazing her new boyfriend is. I wondered if these perfect men really existed until she met him, And I’m so happy for her. She deserves love and affection. She deserves some spoiling. But, I guess deep down I feel like I deserve some too. Just once I would like to know what it feels like not to worry about my boyfriends finances along with my own. Just once I would like to be Cinderella.

Merry Materialistic Christmas. 😉


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