The Curse Lives On

I have a curse on me and I don’t know who gave it to me or why. But, it has been observed, by me, since I was in college that all of my ex boyfriends seemed to have similar fates shortly after we broke up. My ex boyfriends would always turn in one of two directions. They would either 1, get married shortly after we dated, Or they would 2, come out of the closet. Laugh if you want, go ahead, but it is so true!

My 7th grade boyfriend, “came out” in college. My junior high boyfriend married the next chick because he knocked her up. My high school boyfriend married the woman he met after we broke up. (They got engaged 6 months after he and I broke off our three year relationship.) My college sweetheart is gay. Then I got married, and all my gays told me my husband was gay. But, 20 years later and the man has proven to be straight.

I wondered when I was married, “if we break up will he marry right away for decide he is gay?” And yet he some how seems unscathed by my curse. Though I think he would have married his first two girlfriends he has had since the divorce, if
he could have. Some how, the man Still remains single and straight.

I am happy to report that this curse of mine is still true! I have been in three long term relationships since my divorce, The Drunk, Big Red and Management. Right now I can honestly say, 1 is gay and 2 are married. I say happy to report, because I’m glad that my ex’s seem to easily find love. I’m also happy they eventually come out of the closet and are true to themselves. I want them to be happy, even when I think their disgusting assholes. Just because the idea of seeing one or two of them makes me sick, doesn’t mean I don’t want the best for them. Is that weird? Do you understand?

I wonder why this is though, am I truly cursed? Or is it me? If it is me that makes these two outcomes happen, then what is it I’m doing and is it a good thing? I know I’m honest to fault sometimes, would that matter at all? Apart from me screaming at one of them, ” your gay!!! Just admit it!” I’m moody, I know that. I wonder if they find sweet, docile woman that love to cook, and think, ” oh thank god!!! Merry me! Merry me please!” Because they are so different from me.
I don’t know the answer. But, I’m thinking to break this curse I need to date only already married or gay men and see what happens? When we break up would they suddenly become divorced and straight? Or what if I dated a lesbian? Would she suddenly decide she wants a man?

Just another cursed day in LoLa~Land.


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