Accounting Prayer

Please oh accounting gods
Let all of my math work out
Let’s not be fooled by the odds
No time to choose a new route

May all my work be done in time
May all the information be correct
May my end of the years audit be fine
May there please be nothing I forget

Help me not stress over what needs to be done
Help me please get some sleep at night
Let all clients understand tax season has begun
May all my information entered be right

Please give me no big printer jams
Please help my computer not die
Please make sure I have enough Rams
Please don’t leave me wondering “why”

I’m hoping that there are no big red flags
I’m hoping that there are no fires
Even if receipts come to me in paper bags
I hope the service charges are from wires

Please accounting gods let me see no red
Let there be no negatives on my profit and loss
Help me put all of the 2014 data to bed
Help me get all the numbers entered with job costs

I prey my general Ledger is clear to the CPA
I hate it when they start pestering me
I prey their questions for me are easy as cake
And anything I may need to fix is easy

I beg of you to help me get it all done on time
I don’t even have a full month
January 31st is the big 1099 and w2 deadline
It’s time that I never have enough

I’m visualizing all my work going smoothly
That all the forms get done accurately
I visualize having to do very little sleuthing
While I enjoy doing all this accounting

Bring it on!


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