Sleepy Me

This Is my stress time. This is when every single one of my clients brings in what’s left of their years books for me to do. And sometimes that is their entire years worth of books and sometimes it’s only a week or two. But I never really know exactly how much work I have until I really start getting into it. And until I start really getting into it, I am a stress case about all of the unknown variables that I am unaware of; so,because of this, I have not been sleeping well. I have been very restless and I wake up scared. Deep down I know everything is okay. All I need to do is get all my ducks in a row.

Last night I had a date. He was going to come over at 8:00pm and we were going to hang out, talk, drink wine, and yadda, yadda, yadda.
Now, last night was probably the fifth straight night of restless sleep for me, caused by worrying about my work load. And then the fourth straight morning in a row of waking up at 4:00 am: so, as you can imagine I was really tired. By the time he showed up at 8:15.

We sat on the couch and talked for awhile, It was mellow. At some point we decided to watch a movie. Even though, we both were more interested in talking to each other then watching the show. Around 9:30 I was telling him a story and I literally fell asleep in the middle of what I was saying. He said I was talking and then I started making some weird words and then mumbled and then just stopped talking, my head dropped and I was out. Then about 30 seconds later, I woke up talking, My words went from a mumbled mess to clear and precise, and I then finished my story.

All I know is that I was really tired and kept yawning. I was having a hard time seeing him because my eyes were so tired, they were watering. I was trying so hard to just stay awake, be polite, stay awake! He knew I was stressed out and tired. He was sweet enough to just let me sleep and continued to watch the movie.

I pretty much talked in my sleep, throughout the entire movie. He said that I was having a complete clear and honest conversation with someone by the name of Peter. It did not surprise me that I was talking in my sleep, I’ve done it before. But, usually people can’t make out what I’m saying. Weirdly I don’t know any Peters, what so ever. (I hope he doesn’t think I’m dating a Peter )

After the movie and my conversation with Peter my date woke me up and told me to
Go to bed. He didn’t seem upset with me but I have to imagine he wasn’t thrilled either. I am sure he felt like he came over for no reason. I was worried he wouldn’t want to see me again, but apparently he does. (Maybe he just wants to hear what happens with Peter).

I don’t know. But it’s another sleepy night in LoLa-Land

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