Big Bush/ Beard Burning

I blame it on the Brian Wilson the Giants baseball player, for the fact that there is an extremely high volume of men in my area of the world, who have suddenly started to grow the really long grizzly Adams, lumberjack, ZZTOP style, scraggly beard. I don’t know if they are all followers or if looking like Mr. Wilson just makes them feel cool because, he is an amazing ball player? But, I know I don’t think Brian Wilson is hot at all and it’s all because of that God awful beard. Actually, I rephrase, he may be a beautiful man but I wouldn’t know because I can’t see his face under all that hair.

Now I can’t see many men’s faces. As all sorts of guys have started to come around With these huge thick beards. It’s like the late 70’s all over again!! It is killing my sex drive Or rather my sex life. As all my dates continuously show up with these “soggy Bottom boys” beards on (ok slight exaggeration) and the last thing I want to do is kiss them. At this point I’m going to be single forever.

So, I am starting a new movement! I am asking that every woman that reads this blog, tell all of their friends and to stand with me, your single sister in a pursuit to stop this mass hairiness from lasting any longer. I suggest that if 70’s unruly hair is to be the new “in” thing, that we woman should also be able to take advantage of that. I say we bring back the Big bush! I’m calling it the “BIG BUSH/ BEARD BURNING” campaign. Why are we still hurting ourselves, fighting against wax burns, cuts, ingrown hairs and itching just to make ourselves bare for our men? If they can hide why can’t we? I’m thinking the longer the better! We need to be able to braid that shit! And when the men in our lives need a damn weed whacker just to be able to have sex with us, they may finally agree to shave that shit off their faces.
I just hope Brian Wilson’s wife or Girlfriend reads my blog. It would be great if she could be in on this too.

Another Revolutionary Day In LoLa-Land


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