Too Much Weekend

I tried to jam pack way too much into this weekend. I literally had planned to do my normal weekend chores, consisting of laundry, cleaning, doing my own bills and grocery shopping; along with doing about eight hours of bookkeeping for some of my clients, while also having four dates, (three of them first dates). and a girls night out with two of my hot single ladies. And no it was not a three day weekend.

It all started Friday night with the sexy fireman! ( damn good way to start a weekend I tell you). The sexy fireman drove over two hours to meet me, was a complete gentleman at all times, while still letting me know on a regular bases How hot he thought I was. He took me out to a really lovely dinner, we then had fun bowling a few sets and then enjoyed some easy listening At a local coffee shop. It was by far, the best date I have had through this online dating site. The man who towered over me at a bountiful 6’3, made me laugh all during our date and then proceeded to give me a very steamy goodnight kiss before his long drive home. I told him, ” I’ve been on a few dates through this group and I have not wanted a second date, except for one time. But, you I’d like to see again”.
“I’d like to see you too.” He replied and grabbed my hand. He is very sweet like a big old grizzly bear. But, I’m not getting my hopes up.

After getting home from my hot date I was in bed, at 1:30 and then up at 7:15 am so I could be ready in Time for my next date with the hippy contractor. I took my shower got dressed in my my work out clothes and Jumped on my bike and rode the 5 1/2 miles to the coffee shop we decided to meet at. He was very rugged looking but had really nice eyes. We sat and drank our fluids and then both of us were having such a great time talking, we didn’t want to part ways. So, we walked to a local eatery nearby and he got us some breakfast. The flow of our conversation was amazing and I was attracted to him as well. I was having such a good time when it hit me “hey its another online guy that I am actually enjoying”.

At at 4 o’clock that day i wasn’t feeling so hot but, I was off to meet my third date for the weekend, this guy is a bail bondsman, (always a good person to know I guess). We were to meet at another coffee shop, but this one closer to my home. So, I walked over there and met him. He pulled up in his black Escalade looking all pimped out in his shades. He was actually really good looking, i’m not quite sure why he needs such a big… ride, but oh well. He had His dog with him so we couldn’t visit long, but we made plans to see each other again and then I walked home. It was obvious to both of us that there was an attraction.
Last night, I was supposed to go and watch the sunset at the beach and have a romantic dinner at a expensive oceanfront restaurant with a man that I’ve seen a few times. But, I actually canceled the date. At some point yesterday I started feeling really sick. I’m thinking its the flu, because I am suddenly down for the count. I spoke to the hippy contractor mid day yesterday and he was sick as well. I ended up canceling my girls night out, as well as my second date with the bail bondsman . Right now I look like I feel, and that’s not pretty at all.

Teaches me to overbook. Another lesson learned in LoLa-Land.


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