The Non-riddle Riddle

I was talking to my 13 year old niece the other day when she complained about a school project where she had to interview for a pretend job in Madrid. She said she was irritated because there were no cool jobs for girls. I said, “what jobs were available for woman”?
She replied, “hair dressers, teachers, and nail salon workers “.
I asked her, “what are the cool jobs? ”
“You know, doctors, lawyers and engineers”! She exclaimed.
I started giggling happily. It reminded me of a riddle I was told in sixth grade, I was 12 years old.
My teacher looked at our class and said solve this riddle, “a man and his son are in a car accident, they are rushed to the emergency room where the doctor looks at the boy and says, ‘I can’t operate on this boy he is my son’ now solve the riddle”. It took us damn near 15 minutes to figure out the answer to the riddle. Because, for us, it wasn’t completely outside of our reality, but it was still very, very rare.

My nieces irritation around the ‘cool jobs’ made me so joyful. And after I giggled, she asked me why was laughing, I told her the riddle. When I was done saying the riddle to her, she looked at me confused and then stated the obvious, which made me so very happy. She said, “Auntie, why are you calling that a riddle? The Answer is as clear as the nose on your face. The doctor was the boys mother of course”! And of course she was right and she figured it out and less than 30 seconds.

So thank you modern society for allowing me, a female the opportunity to enjoy the cooler jobs in life. It makes me proud to know that we have evolved in our way of thinking. I am no longer an irrational woman. (Or I’m good at hiding it). It makes me proud to be a human, when some of the things that riddled us before no longer do.

Just another eye opening day in LoLa-Land


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