Stood Up Again?!

Seriously, dating is crazy because some weeks you are the “new girl in school” and you have what feels like way too many guys interested in you and then the very next week nothing, there’s “no interest” at all. Then there are the “stood up” weeks, Where it seems like every single one of your dates stands you up or cancels right before (which i still feel is being stood up, because sometimes it’s hard to make other plans at short notice like that).

This week was like that for me. I had three dates scheduled And two out of the three stood me up. (Well one gave me 15 mins notice and one gave me 30 mins notice). The one date I did have was really great and i really liked him, but then he was also one of the ones that cancelled. (Maybe he didn’t have such a great time? I don’t know?). I almost think these weeks are worse then the just, “no interest” weeks, because you actually make time for someone, get ready to see them, sometimes even change your schedule to accommodate the date and when it’s canceled all of that has just been a waste of time.

At least on the weeks that I have “no interest” I am spending my free time with my ladies or just having quiet time alone. I need a little bit of that right now, a little peace and quiet. Of course, even though I’m starting to get the hang of this dating thing and I know there’s a ebb and flow to the interests of others, it still hurts when someone stands me up. It’s one of those weeks when you start thinking “maybe I’m not attractive?” I’ll get over it, probably during the next “new girl in school” week.

Just another Low Self Esteem day in LoLa-Land


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