So Much More Than Juicy

I was texting with the sexy fireman today, As he hung out in his firehouse 2+ hours away. He started our conversation with “how are you Ms Juicy ass”? Because he is very happy with my larger than normal backside. I had to laugh that he keeps calling me ” juicy ass” because I have never actually owned a pair of anything with the word JUICY on the butt.
I told the sexy fireman my joke about this. I said, “They don’t make the juicy pants in my size, because the fact that my ass is juicy is obvious, I don’t need to advertise.”
He said, LMAO

This got us started on this hysterical rant. I said, the butt to my pants should say, “I GOT THIS”
He replies, or “do I need to say it?”
I added, “IT JUST IS”
He laughed and said, “you already know!”
I was cracking up. I put, ” ___________ ”
“Enough said!”
He was sending LoL’s and I had to go there, so as usual I said it.
Lastly, ” dude where’s my car?”
We were both dying laughing. It was so wonderful to laugh to tears, it’s been awhile. I loved the “tit for tat” that I was having with him. It’s also nice that he really, really likes my ass. Bonus!


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