Some People You Just Can’t replace

I am lucky enough to have half a dozen friends I have known since junior high school. These six people mean the world to me. Through the years, some of them, have moved and some have stayed. Emily is in Virginia now, Johnny in New York, Karen is in Oregon. But, Kelley, Shawna and Crystal, still live near me. I love these people so much that all of them, but Emile, who couldn’t make the trip, were in my wedding.

Recently I came to the acceptance that Crystal is leaving. She and her mother are moving to Florida. FLORIDA!!! Why must she go so far away!!! It’s practically kiddy corner to NorCal. Only old people move to Florida! ( can you tell I’m having a problem with her leaving?)

Like the rest of the five ( except Johnny where his parents hated me for bringing down his geography grade in 7 th grade), Crystals family is an extension of my own. Her mom is my mom, her bratty little sister ( who is in her late 20’s and is still a brat) is like my bratty little sister. I have multiples sets of moms and dads. In fact if you were to look at my phone directory you would see about 10 moms and 10 dad numbers listed. So, it’s not just her that’s leaving me, it’s the entire family.

When my ex and I were separating, I didn’t want to sleep in our bed anymore ( or rather not in bed with my ex). Crystal and her mom put me up in their guest room. They gave me a key and told me to come and go whenever I needed to. They opened their home and their hearts to me and basically helped usher me through a very hard time in my life.

It was perfect they were the ones to take me in because for decades Crystals home has always been my refuge from the storm. It’s always been the place I go when I’m sad, or I don’t want to be alone. They don’t even have to be there for me to feel comfortable or hang out. I used to go over all the time, let myself in, jump on the computer and listen the sound of the waterfall trickling into Koi pond, in the backyard.

I’m devastated their leaving. It almost feels like my family is packing up our childhood home and leaving and I’m not invited. (This isn’t true they told me I could come; But, my life is pretty set here.) Where will I go when I just need a hug? What will I do when I can’t stand another moment alone? Who will I call when I’m in an emergency and need some help. Crystal has always been that person for me. Men have come and gone but she has always been there. And even though I know she will still be there and we will likely speak more than we do now. It’s more than that. The safety net of their presence will be gone. I won’t smell her and moms Marlboro’s, hear them yelling at the dogs to shut up, or laugh at their really bad tv shows.

I can already feel me missing them and their not even gone yet. Some people just can’t be replaced! They are irreplaceable, I love them they are my family.


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