The older I get

The older I get the less I like alcohol. It does not treat me nice the next day at all! I can’t sleep well if I’ve had too much to drink and then I wake up with an upset tummy and spend about 30 minutes in the bathroom. And then I drag my butt around the house all day wishing I felt better. And wondering if that one night of drunken debauchery was really worth losing the entire next day to pain? I don’t know how some people do it? I don’t know how alcoholics do it? How do they wake up every morning feeling like this and wanting another drink?

The sexy fire man is on his way over to go on a bike ride with me and I just want to lay my head on the nice cold tile next to my toilet. I’m going to try and act like I feel fine and pretend the throbbing I feel in my right frontal lobe is just my heart beat.

Wish me luck.


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