The Eclipse of The Sun

Sexy fireman came to see me today. If you happen to have read my earlier post you would have seen I was hungover from the previous nights events and he and I were going on a bike ride together. He showed up about 10:30 AM and left at 11:30 PM, and I was hung over and tell about 1 PM. We had a really great day. We went on a bike ride, had some lunch, looked at a gallery, then we rode back to my house and drove out to the coast where we had a romantic seaside dinner and then watch the sunset on the beach. it was extremely romantic, and I had a wonderful time.

At one point we were driving to the beach he motioned to something with his arm and I was struck by the sheer volume of his bicep. I said “you don’t even need to flex to make those impressive” and he laughed. “your arms are the same size as my thighs and there is no fat in there anywhere is there?” I asked.
He chuckles, “no, no fat”.
I laughed and thought about my ex boyfriend and how we would make fun of men Who would purposefully flex their biceps while pointing to things just to try and impress women.
Noticing I was off in thought sexy fireman said, “what are you thinking about”?
I told him about how my ex and I used to make fun of those kind of pompous men, who felt the need to show off what they did or didn’t have to woman, by pointing to something with their arms in a 90° angle, so that they could flex their biceps and look all impressive just pointing and how silly that is. Then I looked at his extremely large (no need to flex bicep clad arms ) and said, ” you just don’t even need to do that do you”?
He chuckled again, ” you mean like this”?
And as he says, “which way is the beach”? He did the point and flex movement. Suddenly, I couldn’t see his entire face or even his side of the car. The sun that had been blinding me as it shone through his driver side window, was suddenly completely eclipsed from his mammoth arms.
I became completely stupefied right then and there. I could not hear a word he was saying. I think I even forgot where I was and what my name was. Suddenly, The sun came back and I was brought back to reality. That’s when I realized that he was laughing, “did you hear me ” he asked?
” what”? I replied almost breathless.
He chucked some more, “was that what you’re talking about”? He asked.
I was confused, “what, what were we talking about”? I stuttered.
“The flexing of the arm while pointing, LoLa did that work for you? Is that what you’re talking about”? He asked looking at me confused, until he saw my dreamy look as I was still gazing at his Popeye arms and wondering how long I had to wait to feel them wrapped around me? Or if he could just throw me over his shoulder and carry me down to the beach?
“JB! ( this is his Nic name for me, it stands for juicy Butt. Lmao)” he seemed amused as he tried to bring me out of my pornographic trance, “JB, are you feeling ok?” He asked as he smirked, knowing full well what I was thinking about.
“Oh yes. Yes I am wonderful” I replied joyfully.

I really like the fact that we are both so extremely attracted to one another. It is a win win relationship.


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