Gate Keeper Meet The Grim Reaper

I live in a very close proximity to a shopping center, unfortunately. My condominium complex has been fighting with the grocery store complex about their really late night deliveries. There are to be no semi-truck deliveries from 10pm to 7am, there’s even a sign! But, they never lock the gate that is meant to keep trucks from loading and unloading in the back. Often times we are woken in the middle of the night to the beep, beep, beeping of the trucks backing in.

Yesterday, the complex manager asked me if there was any way to get proof that they are not locking the gate. Apparently, the store managers told the police official in charge of our case that they always lock the gate. Which I found odd considering when I complained to the store manager, one night at 3am she said, “we can’t lock the gate because Other stores in this complex have late night deliveries”. So, I have been asked to see if the gates are locked after 10.

Last night I stayed dressed until 10:30 then armed with my cell phone, for videoing, I walked out of our gated complex and down the street to the stores. Of course, as I suspected, at 10:35 pm the gates were not closed. I took the Video showing as much, and then I proceeded to walk back home, thinking about my multiple pad locks at home and how I’ve always joked I was just going to lock the damn gate myself with my own lock.

I was about half way home when I heard the noise. It surprised me because apart from the stray car here and there, I thought I was alone. I saw him on the other side of the street walking the same direction as me and staring at me. He had the same pace as I did and remained just about a foot behind me, but on the other side of the road. He was a tall man with a baseball hat, jeans and coat on and that’s all I could make out in the darkness. I had my icky feeling I get when my spirit guides say I’m in danger. So, I quickened my speed and started walking in double time. I gave this speed about 20 feet and then looked back across the street to make sure, 1- he was still on his side and 2- he was now further behind me since I started to walk faster.

He was still across the street. And he was still watching me but he was also still almost beside me. He had obviously sped up his gate to and had not fallen behind like he should have. I think he knew I was aware of this fact because he started to walk even faster And got to the corner and hit the crosswalk button before I got near it, and now he was walking across to my side. I almost ran to my complex gate and I was shaking like crazy as I tried to get the damn key on the lock so
I could get in.

I wanted to look back to see where the man was but I also didn’t want to waste anytime with that. (That’s what they do in horror movies and they always get killed). Finally I got the key in, turned the knob and opened the gate. Once on the other side of the security gate I turned and shut the door tight behind me and saw the man almost running the remainder of the road to my side.

For one second I experienced a moment of relaxation and an almost winning feeling like, “in your face asshole! Come get me now! Haha I’m safe and you can’t get me”. But, then I noticed the damn gate that lets cars in was open! When I looked back at the man, I saw him looking back at me from also noticing the other gate was wide open and he quickened his step again.

I let go of the gate I was still holding onto as this entire process happened in about 40 seconds and I ran like the wind. I sprinted past five houses until I found my door and I luckily did not stumble with my key this time. I was able to unlock my door and get inside and lock it again before he got to me. I quickly turned my porch light off and waited by the window to see if he showed up. It was about 30 seconds later he quickly walked by my front room window, but he kept on walking.

I could be freaking out for no reason. This man may have lived in the complex with me and may have just forgotten his key. He may be the nicest man in the world and I just put myself through all this fear for no reason. But, that’s not what my gut was saying. My gut said, “RUN!!!!!!”, so I did! I don’t like how he matched my speed while I was walking or that he was watching me like I was his prey. My gut has kept me out of trouble several times in my life and I don’t really want to test it to see if it’s right. (Where’s sexy fireman when you need him?)

Just another mellow night in LoLa-Land


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  1. Nicole DiGiose
    Jan 27, 2015 @ 11:39:24

    That is freaky. I wouldn’t have trusted him either. I hate to be one of THOSE people, but I guess I am, because I don’t think men realize how privileged they are. If a female goes out at night, she has to watch her back just because she’s female — because disgusting creepy psychopaths are everywhere. Anyway, I don’t want to open up a whole other can of worms, but good thing you’re safe. Always go with your gut.


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