The Generational Theory

I’ve noticed something through my years, a phenomenon if you will. I have a few theory’s about it but, I could be way off, either way, I thought I’d share.

My mother is very serious. She is a serious, no nonsense kind of woman. She is very smart, driven and she doesn’t take stupid behavior well. She is not a silly person or carefree. She is fun, I’m not saying she’s not fun to be around, she is. But, she holds a certain serious decorum about herself, a standard which is high. She keeps a lot of things close to her chest and doesn’t share a lot of personal things with people.

Whereas my sister and I are both very crazy and carefree. We are very whimsical, almost to a fault, sometimes. We by no means have the level of seriousness that she has for herself. We are also both, far more free and open about EVERYTHING we are thinking and feeling, almost to a fault. We are constantly putting are feet in our mouths and apologizing for what we said. We love walking on the edge of life. We live within the box of normal by bouncing off the sides. Whereas, our mom stays dead center of normal.

Well now my sister is herself a mother of a daughter and I see the difference in my niece then her. My niece is very much like our mother. She is a pretty serious kid and tends to be embarrassed by my sister frequently. She thinks my sister is a great mom but, she does not always lead by the best example. My niece is very, very private. My niece tends to look at at my sister shocked a lot and sometimes I think my niece is more parental than my sister is, or I would be.

I think this is due to one of two things. One theory, is that deep down we all desperately do not want to be end up like our parent. We all just want to be unique, be our own people. So, we go out of our way to become everything our parents are not. Or there is my second theory, and that is, maybe we fill in where are parents fall short and there for, those characters we feel our parents are lacking become some of our main personality traits. Ex- if a parent is not a joker the kid will become the court jester. Either theory, would cause a person to be the opposite of their parent. As usual I think it’s different for everyone.

I don’t know,you decide or maybe even pose an entire different theory.



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