New Years Resolution Accomplished

31 days ago I set myself on a truly psychotic mission. After blogging for over four years I have never been able to post every single day of a month. So, instead of promising to lose weight or read more as my New Years resolution, this year I opted to try And blog every single day for a month.

Today is the last day of that month. And this is obviously the last post (unless of course I keep writing). What really struck me about my determination, is I could have picked a shorter month like February but instead I picked one of the longer months. I would also think it would make more sense to pick a month like April, when I am no where near having to do all of the end of the year bookkeeping and tax reporting, that’s necessary in my line of work. You would think I wouldn’t put the extra pressure on myself during my busy season; But I did.

I know I wanted to get it Over with. I don’t like “things” looming over me. I also wanted to keep trying until I did it, even if it took all year. So, I was giving myself 12 months to get it done. Some of the days it felt a bit like a task and it hovered above me, In my little floating thought bubble. The quote in the bubble said, ” don’t forget to take time to write something semi-interesting or witty, in your blog, oh, and before midnight!” When I felt stress around blogging I wouldn’t write. I would walk away because that was never what I want blogging to be about. And also because it won’t flow easily from me, if I’m not in the right mood. Trying to write posts kept me up past 11:30 on a few occasions. Some days I could have wrote three posts. I guess, you could say I’m surprised I was able to follow through with my goal . I am proud of myself for doing what I said I wanted to do, accomplishing it early and under severe work deadlines just makes it even better.

Here’s to you all finding yours.


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