Coming On Too Strong

There’s a new guy coming onto me on my online dating site. He seems like an interesting dude. I am curious to meet him for two reasons, one he is able to hold down a fairly good conversation. 2- He looks pretty cute from what I can see. The rest comes down to energy and chemistry when I meet him, like is there any?

The only thing is he is coming on really strong and it’s scaring me a bit. I kept putting into the universe that I need a man who is “really into me” because I’m not into chasing men. So, you would think i would be happy that he seems to really like what he had seen and learned about me. So why does his extreme interest make me want to apply the brakes?

He seems fixated on my pictures and keeps commenting on how I look. He really likes what he sees of my face. He keeps talking about my eyes and my lips and I am really very flattered. But, then I wonder if he is spending a bit too much time looking at my pictures? What is the middle ground on this? Why should I be scared of someone just because they like what they see? Maybe it’s because of those ever so helpful spirit guides that I have. You know the ones, that are always telling me when to run. Are they going to tell me to stay the hell away from this guy? How close do I have to get to him before that feeling comes over me? What if he is my soul mate and I never find out because he seems to like me so much that I run? (More to follow on the mystery man).

Have I mentioned how frustrating being single can be sometimes?



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