Inappropriate Again

I woke up this morning to a email from my online dating site stating the following, ” one of your pictures is inappropriate for one of
The following reasons :
1- it is not you in the picture
2- you are naked
3- you are showing inappropriate signs or tattoos
4- you do not have copy write of the photo.

if I do not remove the photo immediately from the site, we will disconnect your profile.”

All I could this was, “what huh”? I don’t have any pictures that violate their rules. So, I think maybe they think this one is not of me?


So I email them back, “I don’t understand why I got your threatening email about my pictures. What is wrong with them? They are all of me.”

They respond back with, “Thanks for your message. Pictures in your Profile Photo album must be of you, and not cartoons, cars, animals, etc. Photos also cannot be extreme close up photos or photos of you as a child. They must all be photos you have rights too. You can see the photo rules at the top of your profile photo page.”

I’m still perplexed, I have no children and no cartoons… But I have this one of the modeling job I did a few years back.


So, I reply to their reply, ” Hi. have you looked at my pics. All of them fall under the rules. So, I am not sure why I got the message from you, that one of them was inappropriate? Can anyone tell me which one is bad? They are all of me and / or they are all ones I took. I also have the rights to use all of them “.

Finally we get to the bottom of the issue and they respond with the answer to the problem behind all of this drama. They sent me this, “The photos that were deleted were the ones of the ocean!” And sure enough I went back to my profile and this picture has been deleted from my profile.

This Wonderful picture of the last sunset of 2014 is inappropriate. I guess when they said “you must be in the picture”, they weren’t talking about having a bunch of pictures of random people on your profile instead of you. They met pictures of ANYTHING other than you or even important things to you, are not allowed.
Weird ?


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