Stalker Steve

Oh man, stalker Steve has returned. (His name isn’t really Steve, but that is what my BFF and I call all stalkers). I will also be referring to him as Steve to protect his identity. Stalker Steve was my Boyfriend for about a minute. Until he flipped out one weekend when he was out of town and started texting me, emailing and calling me all hours of the night, basically accusing me of sleeping with other people. He was the only one I was with (hence the title, boyfriend) but even when speaking to me, he suspected me of wrong doing. I decided before he even came home that his behavior wasn’t ok with me, especially considering I was not in anyway, thinking of cheating on him.

When stalker Steve returned, I tried to talk it out with him. I wanted to see what had him all spun out with jealousy and he said, “I don’t like how little I get to see you and it makes me wonder what your up to? I think you fuck around! I know men come on to you all the time!”
“you can’t be around me 24/7 but you simply have to trust me. I like you a lot and I’m committed to you!” I replied.

“I want you with me every night!” Was his answer.

I appreciated his desire for me and normally I would be flattered. But, I would never be able to be with him every night and I didn’t see any way to solve his unfounded jealousy. But, what really bothered me, was I never gave him cause to be jealous. So, I politely told him I wasn’t interested in being in a relationship like that

That’s when his true colors came out. Much like when he was away for the weekend he started calling, texting, emailing, even contacting me through Facebook somehow. And his messages reminded me
Of a junior high school girl. One would be sweet, “I was falling in love with you, we had such amazing chemistry…. Come back let’s talk.”
Then the very next message which would come in like 5 mins later (just long enough for him to write it), and it would say, “your a real bitch you know that! You won’t even give me or us a chance! We have something special here and your just giving it up! It’s your loss you will never find someone else like me ever again! (I was thinking “oh thank god!” Hello was he for real? Like a said, we were dating for a minute maybe. Hell, i am still spun out on my ex and this guys telling me he’s the best thing since sliced bread? Wtf? Was he serious?)

One day he contacted me damn near 30+ times until I finally called him and told him to “leave me the fuck alone!” (Yes exact words).
When he kept harassing me, I blocked his phone number. But then he was still able to email me. It finally got to the point where I told this very religious older man, “if you don’t leave me alone I swear to god Steve I’m going to call your mother and tell her!” (Your probably sitting there laughing thinking “what? Mother?” Yes! mother! I met her and she was very nice).

The threat to contact his mother actually worked. He didn’t contact me for awhile, I thought I had finally free’d myself. That is until this week. This week he started emailing me again. He’s apparently missing me and wants our friendship back. Best part of what he sent, was where he is telling me about his new friend and how he’s moved on. I’ve heard it all before a few weeks ago and the very next message to me was how good the sex was between us and how I should come over. (Like nothing had happened between us, weird).

Wish me luck this guy really does have a “new friend” because I don’t need to be his object of affection.



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