12 Minute Girl

This morning I had plans to meet up with my friend and her husband for breakfast. I was to retrieve the two of them at a tire shop at 8:30am and drive us all to the restaurant. I was up late Friday night, so I actually slept in to 6:47 this morning. Now, every morning I like to work out for no less than and hour, but usually it’s 1.5 hours. But, by the time I got my butt out of bed this morning it was already 7:30. So, I did my work out to the very last moment and then made a mad dash for it.
At 8:15 am I jumped off my elliptical and ran to my bedroom. I stripped naked and jumped into the cold shower. I shampooed my hair and washed my body. Rinsed off and jumped out of the shower at 8:18 and the water was just starting to warm up when I turned it off. I quickly dried off, brushed my Teeth and hair, applied the body lotion and then the face lotion. I then ran into the bedroom while putting on my deodorant and quickly pulled out jeans and a long sleeve shirt. I found the right bra, panties and socks and put those on then added my outfit.
It was now 8:22. I go back in the bathroom but first grabbed my jewelry off my dresser. I then proceeded to do a quick makeup job. I brushed on foundation, one color of eyeshadow, a dab of mascara, brushed my eyebrows and put on some lip gloss to coat My dry lips. I then grabbed my purse and a sweater and ran to the front door.
It was now 8:25. I grabbed a scarf and my Uggs and slipped them on. I found my car keys and turned off the heater and all the lights as I exited my home. I was in my car driving to get them at 8:27. It took me 12 minutes to get ready. I did drive with all the windows open on the freeway so my hair could be blown dried, and it worked. I applied lipstick and my jewelry at the red lights and got to the tire shop only 5 minutes late.

I don’t want anyone to ever say it takes me forever to get ready or even, that I am high maintenance, because it just simply is not true. Just another day in LoLa-land.


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