Unknowing Valentine

Something really sweet happened to me today. I took my two block walk at work this afternoon and even though it was gloriously sunny with blue skies; I was having a hard time enjoying it. You see, I just got the text from tonight’s first date, a 29 year old (just barely squeezing in past the age limit) that I met online, saying he could not make our date. So, I wasn’t really happy; but, I was still trying to enjoy my time out of the office.

I was on the last stretch of my stroll, When I passed a man about to get into his truck and he said to me “beautiful day today.”
I replied, “yes it is!”
I then walked the remaining block to work. Suddenly, the same truck pulls up next to me and the guy jumps out. I was thinking, “how funny he stopped in front of my work too and I just talked to him”. So, I said to him “Wow, you didn’t get very far” and then i giggled a little. As I said this he was walking right up to me. He’s stops right in front of me so I stop walking and he said, “I just wanted to tell you that you are as beautiful as this day is.”
“Wow! thank you!” I replied. With a big smile on my face. He was a cute guy too. He was about my height. With thick dark hair, he looked Italian. He was a little on the muscular side but with a really cute face.
He then said, “You look so great in that dress. Are you single?”
I said “thank you! yes, I am single”.
“My name is May” he told me, and then he extended his hand to me and I gave him mine.
“How old are you?” He asked me. Which didn’t offend me at all.
“I’m 41 how old are you?” I asked.
“Your not 41!?” He kind of asked and exclaimed at the same time.
I’m still laughing and smiling. “Yes I am!” I say.
He looked at me closely and asks me “how old do you think I am”?
I looked at his sweet eyes and I said, “28?”
He smiled, took a step back and said, “I will be 28 next month!”
“yeah, that’s a rule breaker number” I said, ( inside, I was a little bummed about my rule. My stupid, stupid rules!!) “Sorry”. I didn’t know what else to say. He gave me a sad look and as I walked away he yelled to me “please stay single”.

He was so cute a so sweet. He made me feel better about being cancelled on and it was a really wonderful thing to hear. I gotta say I’ve been glowing ever since. That will probably be the closet thing I get to a valentine this year.
Now you should go out and give someone you don’t know a compliment because damn it feels good.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone


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