Oh There They Are

My friend and I are both on this dating site and she is constantly getting hit on by all of these beautiful men. Men that had never flirted with me or I had ever even seen on the list of potential matches. I kept wondering what the hell was up with that? I had plenty of men to chose from, don’t get me wrong. But, the really good looking guys were Hard to find. (Isn’t this always the case). I have had to sift through many men that I would never be interested in to find one I would go out with. So, where are all of these sexy men at? How come I couldn’t see them? Was my friend as beautiful as she is, that much prettier than me? What’s wrong with me?

Yesterday, just for the hell of it, I changed my interest parameters from wanting it to search for single men no further than 25 miles away to now a whopping 100 miles away. I also changed it from “looking for a long term relationship” to “friendship, someone to date, just sex and long term relationship”. ( I figure I can weed out the just sex ones)

All I can say is DAMN!!! It’s like the heavens have suddenly opened up and the gods have all come down from the sky to choose from. I feel like I was in the most amazing candy store for the last four months and I was stuck shopping only in the gum aisle. There are suddenly all of these flavors of sweet treats to chose from.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not stupid. I don’t think all of these men are going to be interested in me; I doubt most of them well. And out of the ones who do think I’m pretty, I am sure most of those will have some strong difference of opinion then me or maybe want children. There will always be something that makes us ill matched. As excited as I am to have different choices now to chose from the fact that these men may live about an hour to two away, doesn’t blow my skirt up. I am also not looking for just a hook up and now those men are on my match list.

So yes, yay me I have more candy to chose from. But damn it, that candy still makes me fat when I eat too much. Some of it gets stuck in my teeth and it can even gives me cavities. So, I need to make sure that I make some good choices.

Happy Valentine’s Day to me. The candy store is now Open.


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  1. jordansgotasecret
    Feb 16, 2015 @ 17:40:59

    Funny and sad but true how those sites work. People always say “there are no cute/hot men that live around me” Hey, maybe it’s true! Gotta broaden your horizon. Love your blog. You might like mine too, check it out!!


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