No Sheets For You!

I’ve decided that my body does not like my newest set of sheets. I got a screaming good deal on a set of deep plum purple soft silky sheets. I got the highest threadcount I could find in my price range. I was super stoked about my purchase. I don’t know what the problem is but my body does not like them.

Now granted I am a crazy sleeper, I have been my whole life. I have gotten up, I have sat up, I have talked countless times, I’ve yelled at people, I have beat up my ex-husband; hell, I woke up thinking I was being strangled only to find that the sheet was wrapped around my neck, all while I’ve slept. But, those are random acts of craziness, they don’t happen all the time.

The difference here in this situation, is that every single night when I go to bed I make sure my bed is semi made. And every single morning when I wake up my sheet is somehow been pushed off my bed or aside while rest the blankets lay flat and Norman. It really is the most bizarre thing. I fall asleep with my sheet on over me, then a light blanket, then a heavy blanket and then my comforter (it gets cold here at night). I woke up one morning and I had the heavy blanket on me, perfectly laid out on top of that, was the comforter and on top of that, was the light blanket and then there was the sheet, (they weren’t even perfectly reversed like I flipped them over in my sleep). The sheet has been pushed aside in some way every single night.

I just don’t get at all, my body seems to be ok with the sheets while I’m awake. I wish to god I knew why I seem to take issue with them at night. Maybe I need to set is a tripod and camera and see what happens.

Just another unexplained night in LoLa-Land


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