Stalker Steve Squared

The latest stalker Steve is not my first stalker. And if you think I seem unfazed by my comment or the fact that I have a stocker at all, then you’re probably correct. I can think of two more for sure but swear there’s another one I’m not thinking of. I’ve been dealing with stalkers my entire life.

You see I had my first stocker at the ripe old age of seven. His name was Hector and we were in the same class together in second and third grade. Hector wanted me to be his girlfriend and I thought boys were yucky. I wouldn’t give Hector the time of day. He was a boy, he needed to be treated like the snails that need to be crunched underneath my my tennis shoes as a jump roped.

Everyday at least once, sometimes twice a day, at any given moment. Hector would pull me into this alcove, (where the classroom doors were to swing open and shut) and he would use his friend as a doorway to block anyone from seeing us ( the friend was huge it   like he was Hectors bouncer). Hector would then pin me to the wall and kiss me. Usually it was just a peck on the lips and then him and his friend would run away and leave me sitting there.  It was usually over before I even realize what was happening. I can’t say I really minded the attention all that much. But like I said,  he was a nasty little boy but it was nice to know that I was liked by someone that much.

When I was in college it was a different story. I met Drew on a field trip for art class, he was standing on a bridge and as I walked by he said, “hey you, looking good today “. I found the moment  very interesting considering I had no idea who he was and he seemed to know me somehow. A few days later I saw him in the cafeteria and he walked up to me and asked me if he could take me out sometime. Now, he was on the basketball team. so he was about a 6’4 maybe 200 pounds, he was not small and he was cute, so of course I said yes.

I went out on one date with Drew, that was all it took for me to know that he was an asshole and I didn’t want to see him anymore, I quickly stopped talking to him. He ended up calling me maybe 5 times a day. Leaving long crazy mean messages and then the very next message would be all loving and ” when can I see you again?” He was making rude
comments about me in class and when ever the dudes on the basketball team saw me they would literally point and smile. ( I have no idea what he said). I later found out that he and his roommate had a thing for me and a bet to see who could get me first. He apparently had people checking my schedule and was planting himself outside of my classrooms before I came out so he could look to just be casually ” there”. 

It was just a matter of time until I got my post college stalker.


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