Sexy Is as Sexy Does

Went out with my sexy fireman again yesterday, it was good to see him again. Being he’s the only one that’s made it to a fourth date since I’ve been single; I am starting to feel more and more comfortable with him. I’m also starting to get tired of certain things.

Sexy fireman likes to talk a lot and he likes to repeat himself a lot. Did I mention he repeats himself a lot, just kidding. Being that we both have a love for the ocean we went out there again yesterday. It was overcast but still gorgeous as usual, and he and I were happy and joyful to be in our favorite place. But I had to laugh, because sexy fireman certainly thinks a lot about himself. And I noticed that as much as he seems to love my body; specifically, my booty, he never tells me I am beautiful.

But I don’t think it’s that he doesn’t think I’m beautiful, I think he just thinks about himself a little bit more than me. Yesterday, after forgetting his phone in the car. He asked me to borrow my phone five different times, so he could get more pictures of himself at the beach. He took about 10 selfie’s of himself and then demanded that I email them to him ASAP. Not once did he ask to take a picture with me or did he try to take a picture of me, or even ask me if I wanted a picture taken of me in front of our beloved ocean. I had to ask him to take the one picture of me that I got.
From what I know of sexy fireman, he will now go on Facebook and post all of those pictures of himself ( or at least 2) and about 50 women will respond, on how beautiful and sexy he is.

I guess I didn’t find yesterdays behavior from him very sexy. In fact I found it a turn off. Like one of the last times we went to the beach, I took this amazing picture of him when he wasn’t looking. I then I sent it to him a few days later and told him I was thinking of him. He did not thank me for the picture, he did not even tell me it was a good picture. But he did make it his Facebook profile picture and then didn’t give me any credit for taking it. But he thanked the 300 women’s on Facebook ( ok slight exaggeration) who commented on how beautiful he was.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not tripping that he has other female friends. The sexy fireman and I are not in a committed relationship or anything. We are dating, so I know he’s dates other people, as do I. But, i’m starting to wonder if the sexy fireman thinks about he’s sexy more than anyone else does? It’s not sexy to me when someone thinks about themselves more than anyone else.

He’s starting to look like just a fireman to me.


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