if Yes, Then NO!!

What is it with me and truly unavailable men? I mean It dumbfounds me that I keep going from unavailable man, to unavailable man. It’s almost like I need to have a survey for anyone who’s interested in hanging out with, to fill out before meeting me. If they answer yes to any of the following questions, I am not to pursue them in anyway shape or form And in some cases, running would be the best choice.

1- are you a killer/ rapist, or have been arrested and tried for murder/ rape?
(Good start right? I mean go big or go home right?)

2- do you drink or do  drugs, to the point of passing out regularly?
( these guys are great if their funny when their loaded and you hate sex)

3- are you, in ANY way, confused about your sexual identity?
(Do you watch more gay porn then straight?)

4- are you married or “separated”?
( no brainer)

5- do you want to have children with me?
(This baby factories busted down and on strike)

6- are you under thirty?
(No babies need apply I’m not training anyone)

7- Do you think hitting a woman is acceptable behavior sometimes?
( if he says yes, hitting him sure should be)

8- Do you think other nationalities are inferior?
(God I hope no one says yes)

9- do you think homosexuality is a sin?

10- do you think I need plastic surgery?
(Nothing fake going on here!)


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