Dating Burnout

I recently had a very surreal Friday, one that actually left me a little worn thin, regarding men.   You see it was Friday and I had no plans that night (which is rare). I had been asked out by a guy I knew,  but I didn’t really want to hang with him that night, so I said no. 

Then at work I got asked out by a guy on the dating sight, his name was Jon.  Jon had some cute pictures but had not uttered a word to me via the World Wide Web until that day; and yet, he was asking me out. Jon was really cute too!  So I said yes, what the hell why not? I had nothing else to do. Then Jon says, ” ok cool you can come to me. Be at my place at 8:30, oh and send me a pictire”. I was pretty much like, what the hell?  “Nope, I like chivalry and that’s not it” I said.  He replied, “what’s chivalry?” To which I said, “something that turns me on.  I think I’m going to pass on tonight’s date. But thank you “. 

Then a man I had been talking to,asked me to go out with him later that night. I thought to myself, “that might work because then I have time to see my BFF”, so I agree to meeting him at 9:30.  He then says, ” your not poor are you? I can’t date anyone poor.” (Really what the fuck?) “no I’m not poor and now I’m not interested. But thank you anyway”, was the answer to his stupid question. 

Later in the day around three and I still had no plans for after work. Another man contacted me online to see if I could hang that night. He had struck up a conversation with me several times before and was cute, but I couldn’t remember why I always blew him off. “What are you doing later” he asked. “Nothing” I answered.  He replies, ” would you like to come over and watch me fist fuck my girlfriend”?  “Tempting” I reply, “but no thank you”. Then I blocked him. 

When I finally got off work I still had no plans to meet a man that night, and honest to god I was tickled pink about it.  I have been pretty disgusted since then and I actually ended up canceling two other dates I had lined up, and I  have not been really responding to anything on the dating site, since then. 

I’m on, “Dating Burnout”


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