Can You Call Me?

I woke up to this message, “can you call me?” from this weeks blind date. I have never spoken to him apart from online so, why is he asking me to call him?  But, curiosity killed the cat, so of course I did. 

He said while sounding very stuffed up, “I wanted to tell you about last night.  I was driving on the highway when I saw a woman walking on the side of the road and it was night time, so I pulled over and offered her a Lift. When she got in my truck, I could tell she was upset.  She said her boyfriend and her had a fight and she left her purse at home, could I take her home so she could get it. So, of course I took her home. When we got there her boyfriend came out of no where and just started hitting me from behind with a crowbar.  I was laying on the ground covered in blood when someone finally got him to stop, I never even got a punch in.  I was able to climb back in my truck, and his girlfriend drove me out of there. We called 911 and pulled over so the ambulance could find us. The ambulance driver, said my skull was fractured and they had me helicoptered to the nearest hospital.  My skull was not fractured, but I did get 8 staples in my head, the guy broke my nose and chipped my tooth. But, I’m home now. I just wanted to tell you that I’m not going to look that sexy when I meet you.”

I said, “what?! Are you fricking kidding me!?”

I was tempted not to believe his crazy story but then I saw the whole thing and his name in the local paper.  Of course, in the paper the facts around who the woman who was with him, were different from what he told me.  But still, oh my god! What a crazy, crazy story. And how sad, (if he was really trying to help a damsel in distress, that this would happen to him.) He told me, “I am going to think twice about being the good samaritan from now on!”  I think that’s so sad.  I hate that idea, I said, “Don’t  ever stop being good to people. It doesn’t always end up like this” 

The only funny thing about any of this (and funny weird, not funny haha). Is that this man who is to be my next blind date (now bruised and blind) and his event, probably incorporated the use of several other of my blind dates. For example, it could easily have been my sexy fireman who was called to his 911 report. The asshole that disappeared on me,  was a 911 helicopter airtraffic controller, he probably had to bring the flight to safety.  I dated a sweet man who is a nurse in the ER of that same hospital, he was flighted to. He may have worked on this man when he got to the hospital. And lastly another guy I dated probably got a call from the asshole boyfriend, because he is one of the biggest bailbonds men in town.

Now that I see that run down of past blind dates, I’m thinking, “I really need to stop dating!”


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