The  Gluten In Me

For years now I’ve been seaking treatment for the hormone issues that plagues me.  I’ve been to the doctors several times and they have suggestions like, ” hysterectomy (even though I have no pain), birth control pills (even though I can’t have kids), surgery (which only stopped some of my symptoms),  and Prozac (because I’m depressed as shit for a day). The list it just goes on and on. I am sure you get the picture. 

So, then I tried acupuncture and I did the needles for a year, then needles and herbs in capsule form, and then needles and herbs in raw form. I have spent thousands of dollars on this issue and though it was getting better with the Acupuntcure, I could no longer afford it. So, now what? Do I take birth control pills for my busted down ovaries?  Or suck the entire baby making factory out of there?

Then my acupuncturist says to me “have you ever thought you might be gluten allergic”. (All I could think was, why the HELL would I think that?  I mean my mom is but that doesn’t mean anything. Right? Is that a hereditary allergie? Kill me now if I have to give up bread). “Why would you think that?” I asked her. All the while freaking out inside, Just thinking about the pizza and sandwiches that I would not be enjoying (Just typing this I have the biggest pouty face).  She replied, “I’ve been taking a class on it and you seem to show all the same characteristics in your symptoms”. 

It’s been two months since she suggested this and this week I managed to go two straight days  without any bread. I actually saw a huge improvement in my bloating and just felt better. But, does that mean I’m allergic? Or is that just about the bread? (I mean it’s all carbs and it all turns to sugar so…. Why would you feel great later after eating bread)?

So, starting March first I am going to cut out as much gluten as possible.  I am probably going to be one cranky bitch too. But, be it allergic or Just healthier and happier, I want to see if it could make a difference or even stop these issues I’m having? Wouldn’t that be ironic? All this time, money, energy and just general bad days, do to my emotions and it could have all been stopped by not eating certain things?



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