This Is The One

I’ve got a really good friend who is my “forever optimist” in regards to everything but her own life. I posted about her once. She is my rock.  She checks in with me periodically to see how I’m doing. Specifically, she usually likes to hear how my dating life is going.

She is so assure that I will find someone who will be perfect for me, just like she did. She wants me to have love so bad. I can feel her longing for my love life, it’s really quite sweet. Funny enough it seems like at least once a month I will tell her about someone specific that will make her go, “Hhmmmm I like the sound of this guy. I think this is the guy. I think this is him.”

The first time she said it, I felt so hopefully. “Oh maybe she’s right? Maybe this is the guy!”  I think. But, as the months have ticked on by and the men have walked on by. I am still single and my dear friend has felt that, “whomever….is the one” at least 6 times.  I stopped being hopeful and have started chuckling at her. “Do you know how many times he has been the one?” I ask her.

Here we are again, I have found someone that I really like. So, when she asked me today what was up with my dating life i told her about him. I know she could tell I liked him, when she listened to me speak of him. The first thing out of her mouth was, “Oh I think this is the one!”

I love her hopeful optimism. It makes me hopeful myself, for myself. We all could use some hope right? She feels she met the only thing she ever wanted and she knows if she can find it, i can too.  I will keep letting her decide, “the one for me”. But as before, I’m going to veto them no matter how her feeling goes, if they don’t gel with me.

Just another fun night in LoLa-land.


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